Magic & Spells

Magic and Spells


Want to become a powerfull wizard with all kinds of spells and runes ? Well now you can! You have to build a Spell Altar,then you can craft over 50 unique spells, gain knowledge, and use many kinds of  magic!

Spell Altar:
You can build a spell altar by putting redstone around an enchanting table. You don’t have to use gold blocks, but the type of blocks the altar is build on effects the altar level. Certain spells require higher level altars, but basiclly you can use any kind of blocks.

Knowledge is required to make spells, each spell has certain knowledge it requires to be eazly crafted. You can learn different bits of knowledge by doing normal Minecraft actions. For example, picking up a Notch apple will probably teach you “Divine Intervention”. Sometimes you can get mana from gaining knowledge. You can see info on how to get knowledge in the “Book of Knowledge”.

Casting spells need some mana, you start with 10. When you gain knowledge you can get mana. Also there is a little chance to gain mana each time you cast a spell.

Spell Book:
When you kill a boss (Wither, Ender Dragon, or Elder Guardian), they have about a 50% chance to drop a spell book. You can store up to 9 spells in one Spell Book. Sneak right-click to open the book, next you can put spells in, or take them out. Right-click the cast the spell in slot 1. Sneak left-click to toggle the active spell to the one next to it.

To craft a spell, you must put the recipe in a spell altar, and next drop a Arcane Scroll on the altar. If you don’t have required knowledge, if the recipe is invalid, or if your altar level is to low, you will usually get a chat message prompt telling you what to do. You can see info on spells and their recipes in the “Book of Spells”.

You can craft many diffrend staffs for better spell manipulation. Once you get a staff your click with it to open the binding menu. You have to put the spells you want in the slots and close it. Now those spells have been bound to the staff, you can not change these spells ever, its a one time thing. You can use right-click to cast and left-click to cycle through the spells. There are three tiers of staffs, they get harder and harder to craft. For crafting recipes see the recipe section.

Special Mob Drops:
This plugin adds special mob drops that are used in spell recipes. For example, there is about a 20% chance for a creeper to drop a “creeper heart” when you kill him. Then you can use the “creeper heart” to craft the TNT spell. You can change, remove, and add these in the config as you wish. You can see all the special drops, how to get them, and the chance they have to drop in the “Book of Drops”.

Wizard Robes:
Wizard Robes are normal leather armour. However, all the armour pieces must be the same colour. If you are wearing full wizard robes your mana will regenerate double.

Mana Potions:
You can make mana potions by throwing a empty glass bottle into a pool of water, then drop a slime ball, magma cream, or eye of ender in with it. Lastly throw in some binding powder. It will form a mana potion. If you drop in more than one of each of these items it will keep generating at one a second till it runs out of ingredients.


Arcane Scroll recipe:

Spell Recipes:

Other Books:

Book of Knowledge:

Book of Drops:

Other Recipes you have to find by yourself on server 🙂


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