Hero Class System

Hero Class

On this server we have simple class system which is using diffrend passives, also building your own hero is pretty free process.

First important thing that you need to know, at start of your adventure on out server you can choose your hero class,(by typing /rpg class) there are 2 options:

  • Warrior  – after leveling gains more health and a little dmg
  • Archer    – after leveling gains more dmg and a little health

You can level up your class by simple hitting enemy monsters and players. But true main idea of our class system is that you can learn many diffrend passives during gameplay.

For exemple:  Warior can learn miner spell while mining, after that  you are able to create scroll with this spell on magic altar.

Another ememple: Archer found in dungeon book with recipe of “Potion of Shield” and next he can craft this and use it.

As we say, making your hero is  free process and you don’t gain skills from leveling your hampion, but  from playing and learning new things, hero clases gives itself only passives to +health +dmg

but don’t worry, here you have some free ideas about for exemple classes:


Exemple Classes:

Infected Knight:

-Warrior 20levl

-Knowleage of Dark magic and casting spells




Elf Adventurer:

-Archer 20level

-using leather armors to increase speed and dmg

-knowing all crafting survival recipes




Mage of Water:

-knowing how to use water magic and magic wand, also 20level archer

-can craft diffrend potions

-master of secret enchantings



Vampire Bruska:

-20 level warrior, and also vampire race

-high level of vampirysm, blood lust and more

-knowleage of diffrend craftings that allows to hide among humans





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