Category: Gameplay

Hero Class System

Hero Class On this server we have simple class system which is using diffrend passives, also building your own hero is pretty free process. First important thing that you need to know, at start of your adventure on out server you can choose your hero class,(by typing /rpg class) there are 2 options: Warrior  –… Read more »

Lycanthropy in Minecraft

Lycanthropy Do you ever wanted to become powerfull werewolf ? Or maybe feel the fear of beast while fullmoon time ? Here you have to choose, you can be regular human – maybe werewolfhunter and hunt werewolfes or try to deffend befoutrthem, or maybe become one of them yourself. Your choose ! . Werewolf is… Read more »

Magic Loot & Ruins

Magic Loot On this server there are many diffrend custom items that you can use in many ways. For exemple powerfull enchanted books or strange potions. You can find them in dungeons or destroyd houses and also ruins, “Ruins“ On this server you can find old ruins in various places, inside them usually are hidden… Read more »

Magic & Spells

Magic and Spells Features Want to become a powerfull wizard with all kinds of spells and runes ? Well now you can! You have to build a Spell Altar,then you can craft over 50 unique spells, gain knowledge, and use many kinds of  magic! Spell Altar: You can build a spell altar by putting redstone… Read more »

Hello world!

Welcome on our “MinecraftSkiner” minecraft server main webside 🙂   On this minecraft server many rare plugins are included, for example: Diseases   – you can get sick, also die from frost or too hight temperature for exemple while walking wearing  full armor  in desert. Werewolf   – you can become a werewolf by being bitten by… Read more »