BloodMoon Plugin

In the darkest night, once a week bloody moon is rising apon our world.While this time of death and destruction mobs are coming from everywere seeking human flesh and blood, ghosts coming from hell and time of ripping starts.

What BloodMoon does:

  • increase mob spawning
  • most of the mobs are high level strong creatures
  • ghasts are coming out from hell to rise on night sky
  • deamons also are coming out
  • monsters can destroy soft blocks (like dirt,wood,etc…) to get closer to the player and kill him
  • most likely you will not survive to day time if you are not covered by hight strong walls


When BloodMoon is rising ?

BloodMoon has about 5% chance to start at begining of every night, it comes out randomly… some timesit can be 3 times in row, and sometimes it won’t show up since 3 weeks.

How can i protect myself ?

Most effective way would be to stay in admin city cuz there mobs can’t be spawned, but if you can’t do that you shuld be (in theory) safe inside your base (if it is builded with solid blocks, and has lot of light)  , also you can stay at night inside player-towns, if you are not covered.. well you will probabbly die.

As administrators and also advancced players we suggest you to prepare with your friends good shelter at this dark times, some water and food, weapons, armors , lights and ofcourse well fortificated castle.Beware, even strongest weapons and armors can be not enough, you need a strong team , good evacuation plan (maybe rails with carts) and also deffensive strategy, healing potions and golden apples can save your life, remember to keep enemys at long range using bows and arrows maybe traps, tnt, cactus traps and pistons or lava river is good idea here.

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