Asakawa 浅川

This beautiful city named Asakawa is currently used as spa for citizens of Nortmandia. Here we have warm waters and air, in the middle of this nordic snow land. Also this town is main port for all  North-East cruises of empire. Everyday many ships dock in this port and unload their loads. From here all stuff goes by caravan to other parts of Nortmandia. This town is populated mainly by workers , soldiers and what’s left of the citizens (many of them were recruited to army of the order of fire like in whole northern land).


Tactical Meaning of Town

This town is some kind of base for tactical operations of The Order Of Fire.  The City lays in the middle of only land path to north front-line of their war. In result everyday this town are crossing many, many  loads of equipment and supply for soliders. Also soliders theirself have to cross this town if they want to get to the front-line. Thats why in middle of Asakawa the town hall has been redone to Barges with a loading point for transports. Without this town, forces of Order Of Fire wouldn’t be able to running an open offensive on the northern front.



In Asakawa before war here was huge production of wines and leather equipment for travellers.  Production ft this kind of stuff increased but also here you can find a lot of fresh fish.  Enchanting books and magic stuff is ratcher low level but still good. While good weather town is used as spa for high rank citizens of The Order Of fire, that’s why we have two big villas there near the sea  and so many shopping districts there.

As a traveller you can find here almost every kind of stuff to buy , sweet vine, vegetables, sweets, clothes, spices and much more.

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